You can't tell a good story without the right book, no?  Here are a sample of the unique albums, prints, and
other artistic products I offer.


Fine Art Albums

Each album is handmade in the United States using old-world binding techniques to ensure your album will last generations.  Each book has a lifetime guarantee on the binding and workmanship.


Mini Accordion Books

These cute mini albums are perfect gifts for your bridal party or grandparents.  Includes magnetic closure and a frosted cover to boot.


Watercolor Paper Prints

These fine art prints are made using watercolor paper, giving the final images a unique and artistic touch.

KindWords-Vanessa NathanPortrait-01.jpg

Postcard Set

Write someone a short and sweet love letter with your own set of postcards, each card a different image.


Personalized Jewelry

Keep your memories close to your heart with a locket that includes photos of your beloved.